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. The causes for sim not provisioned mm2# can be quite different. With this error on your phone, you won't be able to.

How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned Mm 2 Tech Ninja Pro
How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned Mm 2 Tech Ninja Pro from

If the error is due to network congestion, then it will be fixed. Or if it's old sim card then maybe, sim card is suspended by the service provider. If the sim not provisioned mm #2 issue still persists, there could be an issue with the operating system of your android device.

It might be possible that you in a hurry inserts the sim card in your phone in an inappropriate manner, and your device will not be able to read the content present in your sim card properly and as a result, you will get the error of sim not provisioned mm2.

The complexity and complicates involved are instead very high, and the error is least solved. If yes, then follow these methods to fix the sim error from android. One of the common errors you may come across would include sim the 'sim not provisioned' error message is pretty common in a new sim card. When the phone managed to get a signal, it said sim not provisioned mm#2.

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