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A chair that can turn around commonly used in offices. The first swivel chair was invented by thomas jefferson and is purported to be the chair on which he drafted the united states declaration of independence in 1776.

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The term is derived from the practice of the user turning from one system to another using a swivel chair.

Swivel chair meaning data. The other chair was a swivel chair as might be found in an average business office they both take their seats greg in his leather swivel chair charles in the guest chair opposite she sank into the swivel chair at her desk and stared into the wardrobe mirrors. Meaning pronunciation translations and examples. A swivel spinny or revolving chair is a chair with a single central leg that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees to the left or right.

A swivel chair is a chair whose seat can be turned around a central point to face in a. Swivel chair is a slang term for a common interface work around that involves manually entering data into one system and then entering the same data into another system. A swivel chair with a pump to raise and lower the seat.

A swivel chair interface is a workaround used when attempts to configure or set up either system to effect the transfer fail. Definition of swivel chair. Swivel chair interface is a slang expression for manually entering data into one computer or network system and then entering or re keying the same data into another system.

Techopedia explains swivel chair interface. A chair that swivels on its base. As businesses deal with increased amounts of data needing to be managed the case for implementing process automation solutions and eliminating swivel chair work will only grow stronger.

A swivel chair interface sometimes known as swivel chair integration is a system for computer input and interaction that requires users to move from one interface to another sometimes duplicating work. Swivel chair definition a chair whose seat turns around horizontally on a swivel.

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