Sonny Portable Bidet

Until this concept catches on sonny provides a portable solution. One bidet saves save 1 739 gallons of water per year from being used to make toilet paper.

Sonny Portable Bidet By Box Clever Bidet Design Milk Flushable Wipes

A sustainable alternative to wipes and paper for better hygiene and a greener planet.

Sonny portable bidet. Sonny portable bidet not only is toilet paper bad for the environment but it s also less sanitary than a bidet. Precision shower and gentle. A portable bidet for eco conscious humans on indiegogo.

It ensures a clean and hygienic toilet experience after each use. Designed by the same team behind the nebia shower it s an anodized aluminum. Investing in a portable bidet can drastically reduce your environmental.

For those who can t seem to part with their bidets the onerose portable bidet sprayer won t even make you feel the difference. Sonny has been developed for a healthy hygienic and environmentally friendly lifestyle capable of reducing the environmental burden by increasing personal hygiene. And indeed the bidet does look nice as far as these things go.

By erik faust july 25 2019 july 25 2019 news bathroom crowdfunded 3 comments. Bidets are standard in many parts of the world but in the u s they ve haven t caught on even if you already have a bidet installed in your toilet at home you can bring sonny with you on. Sonny s founders believe that a handsome portable bidet could cut down on toilet paper waste of which there is admittedly a lot on average toilet paper production requires cutting down 15 million trees a year.

How does it work. Sonny is designed with your rump s comfort in mind equipped with three spray settings. Meet the sonny micro shower portable bidet.

Check out sonny. The sonny portable bidet. The onerose portable bidet sprayer is a one of a kind sprayer as it reduces the irritation often caused by toilet paper.

A truly portable bidet is one that can store water in a reservoir so that you can take it with you wherever you go even if you re hiking or camping hundreds of miles from the nearest clean water source. The classic bidet therefore has always been a universal symbol of italian hygienic supremacy and risks becoming just a piece of retro furniture destined to be no longer used.

Sonny Portable Bidet By Box Clever Design Milk Bidet Clever Design

Sonny Portable Bidet By Box Clever Bidet Portable Design Milk

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Sonny Portable Bidet By Box Clever Clever Design Bidet Design Milk

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