Lawn Chair Larry Walters

He called his flying machine inspiration i it was made of an ordinary outdoor chair and 43 large balloons full of helium walters went up more than 15 000 feet. Coyote style plan and succeeded.

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On 2 july 1982 he flew very high in the sky in a homemade aircraft.

Lawn chair larry walters. Lawn chair larry walters on july 2 1982 delta and twa airline pilots were stunned as they began their descents into los angeles international airport and radioed in a ufo. Larry walters was fearful that if he popped the balloons he would become unbalanced and fall out of the chair. He is floating 15 000 feet above l.

He s also remembered as a fool whose strange stunt was extremely dangerous. However after flying for 45 minutes he eventually got up the courage to shoot out some of the balloons. Larry walters or lawnchair larry took to the sky in 1982 ascending to a an altitude of over three miles in a chair lifted by helium filled balloons.

He s remembered as an everyday joe with a dream who executed a wile e. He has a bb gun a radio and some sandwiches. It s 1982 and larry walters of north hollywood is sitting in a lawn chair.

On july 2 1982 larry walters april 19 1949 october 6 1993 made a 45 minute flight in a homemade airship made of an ordinary patio chair and 45 helium filled weather balloons the aircraft rose to an altitude of over 15 000 feet 4 600 m and floated from the point of takeoff in san pedro california into and violating controlled airspace near los angeles international airport. He descended slowly and after a total of 90 minutes in the air safely reached the ground. Lawrence richard walters nicknamed lawnchair larry or the lawn chair pilot april 19 1949 october 6 1993 was an american truck driver.

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