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Get Usb Flash Drive Test Utility
. This free tool installs on your windows pc, and you can also check out errors for sd cards and ssds. Speed test your usb in less than a minute.

How Long Can A Usb Flash Drive Last
How Long Can A Usb Flash Drive Last from

It can only test usb flash drive and not external hard drives. To provide you the read and write speed, it performs tests using sequential and random. Manufactures haven't provided an official testing utility and how are the manufactures suppose to provide a testing utility when the product itself is fake and not.

Welcome to speed tests web site for usb flash drives.

Check out our faq for immediate answers to frequently asked questions. Anvil's storage utilities is another best software which can be used to check the speed of ssd, hdd or usb flash drives. If you want to test the read/write speed of your own usb drives and share the results with other people, you can follow the instructions in this. For more than 20 years, lexar has been trusted as a leading global brand of memory solutions.

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