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Get 100 Cool Batch Files
. One of the missions is to create a batch file that counts to 100. So far i have managed to get the batch file to create the 100 files however the text (ex3) is replaced by ex1 in each file.

Batch Files 101
Batch Files 101 from

In this instructable you will get 5 codes for 5 useful b. @echo off echo e100 b8 13 00 cd 10 e4 40 88 c3 e4 40 88 c7 f6 e3 30>\z.dbg echo e110 df 88. They are in one drive/drictory say a.

I love using the built in commands to change colors and grab attention of users try it out and see what you can create.

I have seen some batc. Try to run it, it wont damage your computer, just *save it as something.bat. Cool and fun batch file tricks. This is a batch file that you can do awesome things i made a cmd army lol download it here:

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