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. Looking for alternatives to duolingo? The duolingo website has been perceived as too systematic for learning a language, too unforgiving of mistakes (which, we know full well, are unavoidable for language learners), too unnatural (its awkward phrases.

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Duolingo Alternatives Competitors G2 from

Are you looking for some of the best duolingo alternatives to learn foreign language online? Duolingo is only really good for developing a basic foundation in a language. More than 2000+ universities are accepting this duolingo language proficiency.

Explore best curated alternatives on android, ios, web, windows, and more.

We've compiled this list of duolingo alternatives to help round out your language learning experience. Duolingo, used by over 300 million people, is a free app that has made language learning easier, especially spanish and french. Your ability to set a plan and consist. These include french for portuguese speakers, english for czech i've used duolingo to learn spanish, german and swedish.

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