Bidet Toilet Seat Installation Instructions

My new swash bidet is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. The coway bidetmega 200 electronic bidet seat is one of the best you can buy right now but these instructions apply to nearly all bidet toilet seats.

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The mounting bracket is the one that holds the bidet toilet seat in its position.

Bidet toilet seat installation instructions. Place the metal guide rails into the mounting bracket. Bidet for beginners first don t touch the bidet controls unless you are seated on the toilet. Don t take our word for it.

Separate drainage isn t needed either because everything just drains in to the toilet and flush it all goes down your existing drain. Then the bidet seat is mounted to its base according to that manufacturer s instructions. Please measure your toilet carefully as we may charge a restocking.

The purpose of the bidet is to help clean off after toilet use. Slide the bidet seat onto the mounting plate until you hear it click. Before you mount your bidet toilet seat you should install first the mounting bracket.

If you have those things then the installation is a matter of removing the existing toilet seat and installing the base for the bidet seat in its place. The bidet will wait patiently. Use the toilet first.

You can use the bidet in conjunction with toilet paper or you can use the bidet on its own. How to measure your toilet to select the right bidet seat. If the toilet has a lip at the back of the pan then the measurement will be taken over the flat surface from front of toilet bowl to the lip.

Measurement c inside the bowl note. Have a seat and do your business. The bidet seat will be installed onto this secured plate.

Here s what our customers think. Picture of controls in the off position turned counterclockwise to the stops and label the knobs for adjust water and do not use 1. Some people believe that using a bidet is a hygienic substitute for toilet paper but many choose to use both.

Measurement a from the front of the cistern to front of the bowl. Read our full review. The bidet taps into the existing cold water supply behind your toilet and since there s a water heater inside the bidet seat a separate hot water line is unnecessary.

You may need to adjust the position of the mounting plate to better align the bidet seat with your toilet. After getting a bidet for my family i now recommend them to all of my patients. Bidet toilet seat installation instructions.

Mount the bidet toilet seat. A bidet toilet seat. The controls should look like this.

Install your bidet toilet seat. Remove your existing toilet seat and place the mounting bracket that came with your bidet over the holes on the back of your toilet bowl. All you need to do is to place the bracket on the two mounting holes.

Water is connected to the base from the shut off via a flexible supply and the heater is plugged in. Put the mounting bolts through the brackets and tighten them into place. Bio bidet toilet seat installation instructions.

Accordingly insert the guide rails that hold the bolts in place.

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